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2022-10-13 08:04:47 By : Mr. Mark Yang

Valorant gave us creative ways to make crosshairs, and some players are quite innovative. Here we'll check out how you can get the nerdy glasses crosshair in Valorant!

As of Patch 5.04, Riot Games gave us lots of customization options for our crosshairs in Valorant. Although lots of creative crosshairs rose from artistic people, one crosshair that stood out the most was the nerdy glasses crosshair. If you wanted to get that crosshair for yourself, don't worry as here you'll see how you can get the nerdy glasses crosshair in Valorant with an import code!

Here is the Valorant glasses crosshair import code:

If you don't know how crosshair codes work, you can see how to import and export crosshair codes here. It's no hard task to import the code for the Valorant glasses crosshair, and you can do it instantly. Though if you're not a fan of crosshair codes, you can find the full glasses crosshair Valorant settings below!

The nerdy glasses crosshair like any crosshair starts off with its main settings. Below are the first Crosshair settings for the glasses crosshair in Valorant:

Next up come the Inner lines of the nerdy glasses' Valorant crosshair which represent the glass frame itself. They may be lengthy, but not as cool as the best Phantom skins!

Last but not least we have Outer lines for the glasses' crosshair which represent the handles of the glasses. Far from the Inner lines, the Outer lines have a much smaller length with a large offset to make the crosshair resemble eyeglasses.

And that's everything you need to make the nerdy glasses crosshair in Valorant. Do you think this crosshair's cool? Make sure to share with us any clips and moments you make with this crosshair on our Discord server!

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