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2022-10-09 13:30:04 By : Mr. Rain tan

THE NETHERLANDS. Having recently introduced the renowned Dita eyewear brand at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, travel retailer Kappé says the success of the brand is “beyond our expectations”.

“We introduced the brand in terminals two and three for the non-Schengen destinations,” said a Kappé spokesperson.

The American eyewear house, founded in 1995, is renowned for its discreet luxury eyewear. Its models range from bold character frames to new interpretations of timeless shapes through innovative technology.

The famed Dita Flight – 006 model is proving a smash hit with Schiphol passengers

Dita set about creating a new segment above luxury that got back to a core set of values. Read a fascinating Forbes profile of the brand here. Photo:

“We are happy to see that the passengers like the brand in all various models. Although we have to admit that the Flight – 006 is the main success for Dita and also for Kappé and has an outstanding performance in comparison with other models.

“If we look back before the appearance of COVID, we were very careful with exclusive brands. But now we see that passengers are willing to buy an exclusive product, where quality and value for money is a keyword, and we take that in consideration by selecting brands.

“All the Dita sunglasses are produced with the use of the best materials and qualitity standards. That is one of the reasons of the succes at Schiphol Airport.”

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